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Bench Scale with CWB22 Indicator

CWB22 bench scales has been very popular in several different industrial applications. Our scales will work in any work environment you can think of.
Item model :CWB22

091010105738_039 -CWB22001.jpg

Features and Functions

◆Function keys: Numeric 0~9, Sample, Count,
  Backlight, M+, Recall, MC, Hi, Lo, I/O set, Print,
  CE, PT, Units, Net/Gross, Zero, Tare, On, Off
◆Straight Weighing Mode, Counting Function,
  Checking Weight HI-OK-LO Function
◆Multiple Weighing Units Available
◆Power On Zero-Tracking, Auto-Calibration,
  Auto-Power Off mode, Digital Noise Filter, Full
  Tare, Accumulation Memory, Programmable
  Capacity and Division, Low Battery Indicator and
  Charging Status Indicator


◆Accuracy: III
◆Display: 40mm LCD display with LED backlit
◆Rechargeable battery 6V/4Ah for 120 hours
  continuous use
◆Power Supply: Input AC 100V-240V,
  Output 12V/1A
◆Operating Environment: -10°C to 40°C
  (14°F to 104°F)
◆Product size: 240 mm x105 mm x 180 mm
◆Load cell:Up to 4x350ohm minimum resistance
◆Display/Internal Ressolution:30,000/600,000

091010105738_139 -CWB22002.jpg

General Specifications

Accuracy Class III
Division Nmax 3000
Internal Division 30000
Displayed Units kg, g, lb, oz
Temperature Limits 14 F to 104 F
Speed of A/D Conversion 7.5, 15, 30 Hz
Interface RS232
Approval NTEP CC 17-053
Warranty 1 Year

Model Load Cell

Output Sensitivity ( = F.S.) 2 ± 0.2 mV/V
Nonlinearity less than 0.01% F.S.


Input/Output 120 -240 V/12V/1A
Battery Type Lead Acid Rechargeable
Voltage/Output 6 V
Life With Backlight Off/Standby 320 hours/4 AH
Life With Backlight On/Weighing 120 hours/12 mA
Auto Power Off Yes

Display Panel

Type LCD with LED backlit
Size 30mm
Color Black
Digits 6


Material Stainless Steel
Platter Size 400mm*500mm

Volume and Weight

Product Weight Net/Gross 9.3 lb/10 lb
Dimension (inch) L X W X H 13 x 13.6 x 4.3 inch
Packing Dimension 15 x 15 x 5.9 in

Other Specifications